Best neighborhood in ocala fl

Is Ocala Florida a nice place to live?

Ocala is a smaller city than the surrounding cities of Gainesville and Orlando. Lots of open country, good for horse owners. Lots of neighborhoods and schools near by for families. Shopping is close to many neighborhoods, and you can head out of the city and go kayaking in the springs or fishing in the lakes.

How much does it cost to live in Ocala Florida?

16288 SW 14th Avenue RdCOST OF LIVINGOcalaFloridaHealth93.998Housing64.1102.6Median Home Cost$148,200$237,100Utilities104.2101.3

Is Ocala a good place to raise a family?

Ocala is a great place to live. Ocala offers lots of shopping and dining options. Also there are many job opportunities with companies like Florida hospital, Walmart, and Lockheed Martin. The many recreational parks and national forest make for good exploring and beautiful scenery.

What major city is Ocala Florida near?

Towns surrounding Ocala Florida with an estimated population of at least “250” people (change )Townmi.CountryOxford19.13United StatesSparr20.37United StatesInverness20.72United StatesWilliston21.04United States

What is the coldest month in Ocala Florida?

January 14

What city in Florida is the most dangerous?

This leaves us with the top 10 cities that are the most dangerous in Florida for 2020.

According To FBI Statistics, These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Florida For 2020

  • Florida City. …
  • Lake City. …
  • Opa Locka. …
  • Palatka. …
  • Miami Beach. …
  • Lake Park. …
  • Panama City Beach. …
  • Daytona Beach.

What is Ocala Fl known for?

Did you know that Ocala/Marion County is known as the Horse Capital of the World™? One of the reasons why is that we’re one of only four major thoroughbred centers in the world and have a variety and diversity of horses that is internationally unparalleled.

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What is the average income in Ocala FL?

$22,399 a year

What’s the crime rate in Ocala Florida?

Ocala Annual CrimesViolentTotalNumber of Crimes4063,314Crime Rate (per 1,000 residents)6.7254.84

How far is Ocala from the beach?

75 miles

Is Ocala dangerous?

Ocala’s crime rate far exceeds the national average and is also above average for the high crime rate in Florida. The best ways of avoiding Ocala’s higher crime areas are doing a simple internet search on crime report websites, as well as asking clerks at the hotel where you are staying what areas ought to be avoided.

Who lives in Ocala Florida?

Six Celebrities Who Live Right Here In Ocala

  • John Travolta. You know him from “Grease,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Saturday Night Fever”, and a long list of major motion pictures from the last three decades. …
  • Kelly Preston. …
  • Bruce Swedien. …
  • Mel Tillis. …
  • Bobby Goldsboro. …
  • Steve Morse.

How far is Ocala from Fort Lauderdale?

244.66 miles

What does Ocala mean in Spanish?

The city’s name was derived from Ocali, the Timucua Indian name for the province through which Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto passed in 1539; its literal meaning is unknown. … After the Seminole Wars, Ocala evolved as an agricultural (citrus, corn [maize], cotton, and livestock) centre.

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