Best neighborhood to stay in toronto

Where should I stay when visiting Toronto?

If you are in town for some general sightseeing, the best place to stay is in the heart of the city center, specifically in the Entertainment District or along Toronto’s beautiful waterfront. One of the most centrally located hotels for sightseeing is the Delta Toronto by Marriott.

What are the safest neighborhoods in Toronto?

Here’s our list of the safest neighborhoods to live in Toronto:

  • Forest Hill South. Forest Hill South boast many beautiful homes, such as this mansion. …
  • Bridle-Path Sunnybrook-Yorkmills. …
  • Bayview Woods – Steeles. …
  • Lawrence Park North. …
  • Steeles. …
  • Lawrence Park South. …
  • Yonge and St. …
  • Leaside-Bennington.

Is Toronto Downtown safe at night?

Toronto is renowned as a safe city, but you should still be careful with your valuables—keep them in a hotel safe when you’re not wearing them. Downtown areas are generally safe at night, even for women alone. Most of the seedier parts of the city are on its fringes.

What is the best month to visit Niagara Falls?

Best time to visit Niagara Falls

  • 9 THINGS TO DO IN NIAGARA FALLS (NOVEMBER 16 – NOVEMBER 25) Winter Festival of Lights. November 14 2020–January 10 2021 • event. Discover Canada’s prime illumination festival in Niagara Falls. …
  • 14 THINGS TO DO OUT OF SELECTED DATE RANGE. Maid of the Mist Boat Rides. mid-May–October • activity.

What hotel do celebrities stay at in Toronto?


  • The Ritz-Carlton.
  • Shangri-La Hotel.
  • The Thompson Hotel.
  • dbar at the Four Seasons Hotel.
  • The Drake.
  • Park Hyatt Roof Lounge.
  • Soho House.
  • The Spoke Club.
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What is the most dangerous neighborhood in Toronto?

Flemingdon Park

Is Parkdale Toronto dangerous?

Parkdale is a neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. There is an average of 19.23 crimes against people per 1,000 in that area. … The area between Queen Street, King Street, Jameson Avenue and Dufferin Street has an average of 13.29 crimes against people and 29.38 crimes against people.

Is Leslieville Toronto safe?

Leslieville is safe, with neighbors and shopkeepers keeping an eye on the streets.

Are there bad areas in Toronto?

Avoid These Areas

Toronto is overall a safe city, especially considering its size, but you may want to avoid the following areas: Jane & Finch area, St. Jamestown, Regent Park & Moss Park, Cabbagetown (after dark), Kipling & Albion area, Neilson & Finch, and the Malvern area.

Is Toronto expensive?

Living in Toronto, particularly anywhere near downtown, can be expensive. Rents are among the highest in Canada, and other standard monthly expenses such as phone plans, groceries, and transit are not cheap either. … A pint of beer in Toronto can cost you between $7 and $10, depending on where you are.

How many days should I spend in Toronto?

I would suggest 2 days in each city. 2 days in Toronto and Montreal is not nearly enough time to experience what they have to offer, especially for someone coming from overseas. You could easily spend a week in any and all of these locations. We generally recommend a minimum of 4 days each for Toronto and Montreal.

How many days do you need in Niagara Falls?

If you plan to see only Niagara Falls, you could take in the sights in a matter of one to two days, but the great thing about Niagara Falls is that there is so much to do here besides just witness the epic waterfalls.

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Is Niagara Falls better in US or Canada?

That’s because in general, Canada has the panoramic views while America gets you up close and personal with the waterfalls (including American and Bridal Veil Falls). And both sides gets you up close to the Horseshoe Falls. Of course, you should consider more than just the visual experience when planning a visit here.

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