Fios in my neighborhood

How do I find out if Fios is available in my area?

To search for apartments or condos that can get Verizon Fios, enter the address, city, or zip code, then narrow or expand your search by selecting a mile radius and search Fios. Your search results will appear here.

What cities have Verizon FIOS?

Some of the largest cities where Verizon Fios is available are:

  • Anaheim, CA.
  • Long Beach, CA.
  • Los Angeles, CA.
  • Riverside, CA.
  • Washington, DC.
  • St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Tampa, FL.
  • Fort Wayne, IN.

Can you watch Fios TV anywhere?

With Verizon Fios TV Everywhere, you can watch shows, movies, and live TV on your eligible internet devices.

Is Verizon Fios expanding?

Verizon Fiber

Fios has earned top marks from the American Customer Satisfaction Index since 2016. In terms of their 2020 outlook, Verizon, like many other providers will double down on 5G expansion in new and existing markets along with the “continuation of the fiber build-out.”

Can I get Verizon Internet?

Verizon’s High Speed Internet (DSL) offers internet plans for homes ranging in download speeds from . 5 Mbps to up to 15 Mbps, depending on availability at your address. … Additionally, it’s one of the most reliable home high speed internet options around.

How much is FIOS WiFi a month?

For Fios Internet only, you can choose an affordable, basic browsing plan starting at $39.99/mo (200 Mbps). For faster download speeds, Verizon offers a $59.99/mo plan (400 Mbps) or you go big and get the Fios Gigabit connection for $79.99/mo (Up to 940 Mbps).

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Is Verizon Fios good?

As it turns out, pretty darn good. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reported that Verizon Fios achieved an average actual over advertised speed score of 107.9%. That means that, on average, Verizon Fios delivered download speeds that were 107.9% faster than the speeds it advertised.

Is Verizon the same as FIOS?

Verizon Fios, also marketed as Fios by Verizon, is a bundled Internet access, telephone, and television service that operates over a fiber-optic communications network with over 5 million customers in nine U.S. states. …

How is FIOS installed?

With an aerial installation, Verizon will install the fiber optic line from a telephone pole to the side of your home. Later, an ONT will be installed inside the home. Note: Sometimes aerial installations are performed the same day of your scheduled installation appointment.

Can I watch Fios TV on my iPad away from home?

Starting today, customers can watch up to nine popular live TV channels, depending upon their current FiOS TV package, via the iPad and select Android tablets and phones. In addition, the app is now available on the iPhone and Kindle Fire tablets.

Does Roku work with Verizon FIOS?

Roku won’t connect through FiOS. You will connect the Roku directly to the TV with a separate HDMI cable.

Can I watch Fios TV without a set top box?

The usual installation requires a FiOS box on the outside of your residence and connection to a dedicated set-top box by way of coaxial cable that’s probably already in your house. If your situation requires something simpler and tidier, you can access some FiOS features without the box.

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Is Verizon FIOS really fiber optic?

Fios provides internet, TV and home phone services powered by a 100% fiber-optic network. Thanks to the Verizon fiber-optic network, internet speed stays fast, phone calls come through crystal-clear, and hundreds of TV channels can be delivered. … It’s the future of the internet, available right now.

Is FIOS really 100 fiber optic?

It’s OK for Verizon to say its FiOS network is “100 percent fiber optic” and it can continue to advertise it as such, the National Advertising Division of the Better Business Bureau has ruled.

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