Manhattan neighborhood next to the lower east side

What is considered the Lower East Side of Manhattan?

The Lower East Side, sometimes abbreviated as LES, is a neighborhood in the southeastern part of the New York City borough of Manhattan, roughly located between the Bowery and the East River from Canal to Houston streets. …

Is Lower East Side of Manhattan safe?

Otherwise, the Lower East Side is generally as safe as other residential areas in New York, so take the usual precautions.

What neighborhoods are in lower Manhattan?

North of Canal Street and south of 14th Street are the neighborhoods of SoHo, the Meatpacking District, the West Village, Greenwich Village, Little Italy, Nolita, and the East Village.

Is the Lower East Side a good place to live?

The lower east side or LES is a decent place to live. Great food, my personal favorite, and great culture. It’s in a reasonable proximity to police plaza so the safety is pretty good. I live directly across the street from the Brooklyn Bridge and I’m in walking distance of almost every train known to man.

Which Side of Manhattan is richer?

Your Guide to the Upper East Side of Manhattan

It is the most affluent neighborhood in all of New York City.

What is the difference between the Upper East Side and the Lower East Side?

The Upper West Side is very residential – lots of brownstones, families and prams/strollers. But it has bars and restaurants and is a great area. The Lower East Side is younger and funkier.

What is Lower East Side known for?

Perhaps best known for its Jewish history, the Lower East Side was an epicenter for Jewish immigrant culture. In the early 1900’s, an influx of Eastern European Jews, many fleeing pogroms, began to overtake the mainly German and Irish population.

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Where do the rich live in NYC?

Here are the 10 wealthiest neighborhoods in New York City

  • Upper East Side/Carnegie Hill: $311,109.
  • Soho/Tribeca/Civic Center/Little Italy: $235,555.
  • Turtle Bay/East Midtown: $196,721.
  • Lincoln Square: $188,144.
  • Battery Park City/Lower Manhattan: $185,275.
  • Midtown/Midtown South: $184,315.
  • Hudson Yards/Chelsea/Flatiron District/Union Square: $182,129.
  • West Village: $180,247.

What is the most dangerous borough in New York?

Top 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in New York City

  • Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill & Dumbo. …
  • Garment District. …
  • Chelsea & Hell’s Kitchen. …
  • Ocean Hill. …
  • Greenwich Village & Meatpacking District. …
  • High bridge. …
  • Norwood. Here, violent crimes are almost twice the national average. …
  • Vinegar Hill. This neighborhood in Brooklyn has an overall risk of crime 40% lower than the National Average.

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What does TriBeCa stand for?

Triangle Below Canal

Where do celebrities live in NYC?

New York City’s Most Famous Residents

  • Upper West Side. Home to some of Manhattan’s most exclusive apartment buildings, the Upper West Side is where the majority of its famous residents have chosen to live. …
  • Upper East Side. …
  • Greenwich Village and East Village. …
  • Tribeca. …
  • Chelsea.

What does SoHo mean?

The name “SoHo” derives from the area being “South of Houston Street”, and was coined in 1962 by Chester Rapkin, an urban planner and author of The South Houston Industrial Area study, also known as the “Rapkin Report”. … The name also recalls Soho, an area in London’s West End.

What is the poorest part of New York?

The Bronx

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Is TriBeCa Lower East Side?

Tribeca /traɪˈbɛkə/, originally written as TriBeCa, is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan in New York City. … Its name is a syllabic abbreviation of “Triangle Below Canal Street”. The “triangle”, or more accurately, a trapezoid, is bounded by Canal Street, West Street, Broadway, and Chambers Street.

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