Sims 2 move family to different neighborhood

Can you move a SIM family to another neighborhood?

When you’re in your neighborhood view, go into the house and lots bin. There’ll be a little picture of a house with an arrow. Click on it, select the house you want to move. It’ll move the house, and all of it’s contents (including the family that lives there) to the bin.

Can I move my Sims to another world?

Sims can travel freely between the worlds, and can move to different worlds if they wish as well. Entire save games are independent and self-contained. A world’s neighborhoods cannot be changed. However, a neighborhood’s individual lots can be.

How do you split a family in Sims 2?


  1. get on a computer and then you click on ‘ find own place’ then it should come up with who is coming woth you….. …
  2. You go to the Main screen where you select the family you want to play select move out sim then clock the house then select yes and that family will be in the family bin.

How do you move out on Sims 2?

In The Sims 2 and The Sims 3, single Sims are moved out by using “Find Own Place” from the newspaper or computer or by being asked to move in with a Sim in another household. They can bring other Sims from their current household with them in the process, thus splitting the household or moving the entire household out.

How do I move my Sims to another house Sims 2?


  1. Click on the “Families” icon. Then search for the “Move Sims” button.
  2. Choose the family that you wish to move into a house.
  3. Select the lot or existing house that you want your family to move to. …
  4. Click on the pop-up confirming the purchase.
  5. Watch the short animation of your family being dropped off by a cab.
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How do you get Sims to move in together on Sims 3?

In The Sims 3, two Sims must have a relationship of friend or higher for one to ask the other to move in. Have the Sim you want to ask perform friendly socials until “[Friend] thinks [Sim] is being friendly” appears. The target can then be asked to move in.

Can Sims get drunk?

Technically speaking, Sims don’t drink alcohol, just like they don’t have sex. … If you have enough juice, Sims get a moodlet that makes them a little extra happy. If they drink too much in a given amount of time, they’ll get a moodlet that makes them feel ill.

How can I kill my SIM?

There are a lot of different ways your Sim can die in The Sims 4. They can die by Old Age, Overexertion, Electrocution, Hunger, Fire, Drowning, Cowplant, Embarrassment, Laughter, Rocket Ship Crash Landing, a Cardiac Explosion and more new deaths; Death by Steam, Death by Pufferfish, Sunlight, Poison and Guinea Pig.12 мая 2015 г.

Can you move your house to a different world Sims 4?

Option 1.

Go to Manage Worlds in the Options Menu (accessed via the “…” icon in the top right corner of the screen). Once in the Manage Worlds screen, click on your house, then click the More (“…”) button, select Move out Household, and select the house you’d like to move into.

What happens eviction Sims?

Evicting them and deleting them will remove them permanently from that save file. You can also save them to the bin and play them elsewhere. Either way, they will be out of your game. You can always start up a new neighborhood and they will all be in the same place and you can start from scratch again.

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How do you divorce a SIM to move out?

To do this, you must go into Manage Worlds, click on the household you’d like to split, select the Sim to move out and move them into a different home. Be sure that “Active Household” is checked under the sim you would like to continue playing in.

How do you kick a family out of your house in Sims 3?

Click on your Sim to bring up his cellphone or click on a computer. Select the option “Move Out.” This will bring up a screen that allows you to choose which Sims stay in your current home and which ones leave. Select the Sims you want to kick out and move them to the right column.

What happens when a Sim moves in?

Sims that you ask to move in will carry all of their attribute like Traits, Create-a-Sim items, etc. The only downside of this is when you put some expensive stuff to your Sim and someone ask to move-in that Sim, that player can keep the items that your Sim wears!

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