Best neighborhood in tucson

What is the best area to live in Tucson AZ?

Top 8 Safest Neighborhoods to Live in Tucson, Arizona

  • Saguaro Miraflores. Located in Pima County with a tiny population of only 615 individuals, Saguaro Miraflores is, arguably, the safest suburb in Tucson. …
  • Tucson Park West. …
  • Houghton. …
  • Prince Tucson. …
  • Rita Ranch. …
  • Desert Palms Park. …
  • Cherry Avenue.

Where should I not live in Tucson?

Here are the 10 worst neighborhoods in Tucson according to data:

  • Fairgrounds.
  • El Presidio.
  • Alvernon Heights.
  • Parkway Terrace.
  • Santa Rita Park.
  • Roberts.
  • Sunset Villa.
  • South Park.

Is Tucson AZ a safe place to live?

Yes overall Tucson is a safe place to live . Of course there are a few areas that are not as safe. Parts of the south side are very poor and rough , & South Tucson the city is a problem area. Crime is higher in these areas.

Is it cheaper to live in Tucson or Phoenix?

The cost of living is 8% more expensive to live in Phoenix than Tucson. As of April 2019, the cost of housing according to Zillow; Houses are 24.00% more expensive in Phoenix than Tucson. Tucson houses are 18% less expensive than the US average home price of $235,000.

Is Tucson a dangerous city?

Tucson: With Tucson being the second-largest city in Arizona, its 5th place ranking is somewhat of a surprise. Violent crime is slowly dwindling, with just 736 per every 100,000 people, and you have a one in 20.2 chance of falling victim to property crime.

How bad is Tucson?

According to one website says Tucson is the most dangerous city in the state. With a violent crime rate of 421 incidents for every 100,000 people, Tucson’s violent crime rate is actually higher than the national average.

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Why is Tucson so hazy today?

The haze in the air today is caused by smoke from the massive wildfire in New Mexico. News 4 Tucson meteorologist Jeff Beamish says winds will likely shift the smoke away from Arizona later today.

Is Tucson expensive to live?

With a cost of living that’s 8% lower than the national average and 6% lower than the state average, Tucson is an affordable place to live in Arizona. Housing costs are also 25% lower than the national average with median home prices around $132,200 and median rent prices around $772.

Is Tucson better than Phoenix?

Phoenix is a lot bigger with a greater choice of things to do. … Agree that Phoenix will offer more things to do and see. Tucson is less than 1/3 the size of Phoenix although their scenery overall is probably better. You can drive to Tucson from Phoenix in about 1 hour and 40-45 minutes.

What is the most dangerous city in Arizona?

Arizona’s safest community is Florence, a historic town that is one of the oldest in the state.

Arizona’s Safest Cities.CityFlorenceTotal crimes161Crime rate per 1,0006.20Violent crimes per 1,0001.31Property crimes per 1,0004.89Ещё 37 столбцов

What are the bad parts of Tucson?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Tucson, AZ

  • Blenman-Elm. Population 3,458. 198 % Violent Crimes 2,192 crimes / 100k people. …
  • Amphi. Population 7,389. 120 % …
  • Dodge Flower. Population 3,106. 111 % …
  • Doolen-Fruitvale. Population 1,404. 108 % …
  • Mountain View. Population 1,238. 102 % …
  • Starr Pass. Population 717. 93 % …
  • Palo Verde. Population 4,587. 90 % …
  • Avondale. Population 1,329. 90 %
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How far is Tucson from the Mexican border?

about 60 miles

Is Tucson a good place to retire?

Our city ranked 36th overall in best places to retire across the country. Tucson had an overall score of 52.55, and ranked 70 in affordability, 46 in activities, 27 in quality of life, and 121 in health care. … Here are the top 15 cities in the U.S. to retire in: Orlando, Florida: 60.87.

Can you drink tap water in Tucson?

Tucson water says their is no need to hoard bottled water because their water is safe to drink and reliable.

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