St. Louis neighborhood map

What areas of St Louis are dangerous?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In St. Louis, MO

  • Columbus Square. Population 1,080. 162 % …
  • Peabody-Darst-Webbe. Population 1,652. 140 % …
  • Carr Square. Population 2,605. 137 % …
  • Old North Saint Louis. Population 1,438. 97 % …
  • Wells-Goodfellow. Population 5,002. 95 % …
  • Academy. Population 2,766. 90 % …
  • Hamilton Heights. Population 2,680. 88 % …
  • The Ville. Population 1,546. 83 %

What is considered St Louis City?

Louis is a bi-state metropolitan area that completely surrounds and includes the independent city of St. Louis, the principal city. It includes parts of both the U.S. states of Missouri and Illinois.

Is Dogtown St Louis safe?

Dogtown is comparatively very safe to other St. Louis city neighborhoods, but is not up to the standards of safety and amenities of other cities.

What are the best suburbs of St Louis?

  • Glendale. Suburb of St. Louis, MO. 7 reviews. …
  • Clayton. Suburb of St. Louis, MO. 23 reviews. …
  • Wildwood. Suburb of St. Louis, MO. 85 reviews. …
  • Warson Woods. Suburb of St. Louis, MO. …
  • Olivette. Suburb of St. Louis, MO. …
  • Chesterfield. Suburb of St. Louis, MO. …
  • Ballwin. Suburb of St. Louis, MO. …
  • Creve Coeur. Suburb of St. Louis, MO.

Where is the ghetto in St Louis?

Located in St Louis’s impoverished north side, the neighborhood of College Hill is known as the most dangerous in the city.

What is the most dangerous city in St Louis?

Louis consistently has been ranked among the most dangerous cities in the United States. As of April 2017, St. Louis has the highest murder rate in America.

Crime in St. Louis.City of St. LouisHomicide59.8Rape91.9Robbery605.4Aggravated assault1,156.1Ещё 9 строк

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What is St Louis famous for?

St. Louis is known for the Gateway Arch, the tallest monument constructed in the United States at 630 feet (190 m). The Arch pays homage to Thomas Jefferson and St. Louis’s position as the gateway to the West.

Is St Louis a good place to live?

Louis ranks among the best places to live. According to the 2019 U.S. News & World Report, St. The report analyzed metro areas in the U.S. to find the best places to live based on quality of life and the job market in each metro area, as well as the value of living there. …

What is the difference between St Louis city and county?

St. Louis is the only city in Missouri which operates its own “county” offices. St. Louis is a home rule city, but it is not a home rule county, thus county functions and offices are subject to state restrictions on county governments.

Where is the safest place to live in St Louis?

Safest Neighborhoods in St. Louis

  • Webster Groves. Webster Groves is an area that many people flock to in search of a safe suburban area not too far outside of the city. …
  • Kirkwood. Kirkwood is another neighborhood worth investigating if you are looking for a safe place to live in the metro area. …
  • Soulard. …
  • Benton Park.

Why do they call it Dogtown?

Dogtown got its name as a small mining community in the mid-1800s. There was a concentration of small clay and coal mines in the area during that time, and the term “Dogtown” was widely used in the 1800s by miners to describe a group of small shelters around mines.

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Is St Louis safe for tourists?

St. Louis is relatively safe to visit, but like other metropolitan areas, it’s best to exercise caution while visiting, especially in areas north of Delmar Boulevard and across the Mississippi River in East St. Louis.

What is the richest part of St Louis?

St. Louis’ wealthiest ZIP codes:

  • 63131, Town and Country, Frontenac: $144,159.
  • 63038, Glencoe (Wildwood): $125,441.
  • 63141, Creve Coeur: $110,645.
  • 63341, Defiance: $105,298.
  • 63040, Grover (Wildwood): $103,911.
  • 63017, Chesterfield: $99,099.
  • 63025, Eureka: $98,590.
  • 63368, O’Fallon: $95,774.

What is the richest town in Missouri?


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