11233 zip code neighborhood

What zip code is 11233?


How Safe Is Ocean Hill Brooklyn?

Safety. The 73rd Precinct of the New York City Police Department covers the area. From the 1960s to early 2000s, Ocean Hill and neighboring Brownsville experienced a high crime rate, but by 2019, the crime rates reached an all-time low.

What are the zip codes for the five boroughs of New York City?

ZIP Code Definitions of New York City NeighborhoodsBoroughNeighborhoodZIP CodesManhattanEast Harlem10029, 10035Gramercy Park and Murray Hill10010, 10016, 10017, 10022Greenwich Village and Soho10012, 10013, 10014Lower Manhattan10004, 10005, 10006, 10007, 10038, 10280Ещё 38 строк

What state is Ocean Hill in?


What area code is 11226?


Is East New York safe?

East New York is patrolled by the 75th Precinct of the NYPD. The 75th Precinct ranked 53rd safest out of 69 patrol areas for per-capita crime in 2010. While total crime has decreased since the 1990s, it is still higher in East New York than in the rest of the city.

How many ZIP codes are in the US?

42,000 ZIP Codes

How many ZIP codes are in the Bronx?

Bronx, NY Covers 25 ZIP CodesZIP CodeArea Code(s)Timezone10451718Eastern10452347/646/929/718/917/212Eastern10453718Eastern10454718EasternЕщё 21 строка

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