East colfax neighborhood

Is East Colfax Denver dangerous?

East Colfax is regarded as one of the city’s up and coming neighborhoods, but it’s also known for drugs and prostitution. There were 1,827 offenses reported in 2015, with a crime density of 1,709 per square mile. … But not surprisingly, that also makes it a hot spot for crime.

Why is Colfax Avenue famous?

Originally called Golden Road, it was renamed in 1868 in honor of Schuyler Colfax, the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. It was a hub for business and tourism, with a trolley line and — later — buses, in addition to a being one of the first paved automobile roads in Denver.

Is West Colfax Denver Safe?

Compare West Colfax crime rates

This year, West Colfax ranks 2nd (out of 4) in reported violent crime, 2nd in domestic violence, 2nd in property crime, 2nd in assaults, 3rd in robberies, and 2nd in rapes. West Colfax borders Sun Valley, Sloan Lake, and Villa Park.

Is Colfax the longest street in America?

Colfax Avenue has been called the longest street in America, but it isn’t. It is the longest commercial street in the U.S.A., extending a total length of 26.5 miles through the cities of Aurora, Denver, Lakewood and Golden, Colorado, as the “Gateway to the Rockies” from the plains to the mountains.

Does Denver have a ghetto?

Denver does NOT have a ghetto, nor does any of the surrounding areas. There are lower income areas, but those places look gorgeous compared to a city with actual ghetto areas.

What is the most dangerous city in Colorado?


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What is the most dangerous part of Denver?

The most dangerous neighborhoods in Denver are:

  • Baker. …
  • Alamo Placita. …
  • Highland. …
  • Park Hill. …
  • Lodo. …
  • Southwestern Denver. …
  • Jefferson Park. …
  • Northwestern Denver. One of Denver worst neighborhoods with 30,609 people having a total crime of 4,802 per 100,000 residents.

What is the longest continuous street in the world?

by the way Yonge Street

What does Colfax mean?

Colfax is the county seat of Whitman County, Washington, United States. … U.S. Route 195, which forms the town’s main street, intersects with State Route 26 at the north end of town; in the past, Colfax also lay at the junction of three railway lines. It was named after Schuyler Colfax, the vice president from 1869-73.

What is the shortest road in the US?

The shortest road in the world is in Bellefontaine, Ohio. Well, Wikipedia says there’s a sign making that claim at McKinley Street . . . and that Ebenezer Place in Wick, Scotland, is actually the Guinness World Records titleholder. But, at roughly 20 feet, McKinley Street is probably — apparently — America’s shortest.

Why is US Route 50 the loneliest road?

The name “Loneliest Road” originates from the remote areas which U.S. 50 goes through, with few or no signs of civilization along many parts of the route. The highway crosses several large, desert-like plateaus separated by numerous mountain ranges towering over the valley floors.

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