Gage park neighborhood chicago

Is Gage Park in Chicago Safe?

Most Popular CitiesNeighborhoodSafety ScoreSafety RangeGage Park4739 – 53Garfield Ridge8064 – 100Gold Coast7476 – 93Goose Island99100 – 100Ещё 91 строка

What district is Gage Park?

Gage Park, ChicagoGage ParkCountyCookCityChicagoNeighborhoodslist[hide] Gage Park Marquette ManorAreaЕщё 21 строка

Where is the most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago?

Here is a list of the top ten most dangerous areas in Chicago according to government statistics:

  • East Garfield park. …
  • Englewood. …
  • North Lawndale. …
  • Grand crossing. …
  • West Englewood. Population: 30662. …
  • Riverdale. Population: 7,361. …
  • South shore. Population: 47,197. …
  • Chatham. Population: 30,760.

Is Lincoln Park a good area of Chicago?

Lincoln Park is one of Chicago’s superior neighborhoods! Lincoln Park is one of the safest communities in the city and by far has some very cool homes that everyone wants to live in. We are home to some very original and cool shops, restaurants, and things to do outside of work, school, and responsibilities.

What is the bad part of Chicago?

Most of Chicago’s most violent crimes and gang activity are located on the West and South sides of the city. In general, the further South and West you go, the more dangerous the neighborhood. That said, a few neighborhoods in South and West Chicago have benefitted greatly from gentrification.

What police district is Bucktown?

the start of this feed. 14th District – Near West: Serving Logan Square, Bucktown and Wicker Park; 12th District – Shakespeare: Serving Ukrainian Village, River West, West Town, Near West Side, Lower West Side, Humboldt Park and Illinois Medical District.

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What police district is Lakeview Chicago?

19th District

What police district is Englewood in Chicago?

7th District

Where should I not live in Chicago?

Here are the 10 worst neighborhoods in Chicago according to data:

  • Riverdale.
  • Englewood.
  • Washington Park.
  • Fuller Park.
  • West Englewood.
  • Burnside.
  • South Deering.
  • Pullman.

Why is Chicago so dangerous?

Former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy blames Chicago’s gang culture for its high rates of homicide and other violent crime, stating “It’s very frustrating to know that it’s like 7% of the population causes 80% of the violent crime… The gangs here are traditional gangs that are generational, if you will.

What’s the most dangerous city in Illinois?

Where Are The Most Dangerous Cities In Illinois?RankCityViolent Crimes Per Capita1Mount Vernon1,5282Danville1,7913Springfield8334Centralia1,268Ещё 6 строк

Is Lincoln Park Chicago Expensive?

Lincoln Park is one of the wealthiest and most expensive communities in which to live. While the average single-family house is priced around $1 million, many homes in the area sell for more than $10 million.

Is the L safe in Chicago?

Re: is using the L safe? It’s safe, and considered safe by people like me who live here and use it almost every day. . . at all hours of the day/night. A couple of the el/subway lines are less crowded in the middle of the night (2 a.m. >) and I’d be more careful traveling on them than on the other lines.

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