Parkland hills neighborhood albuquerque

What are the bad areas of Albuquerque?

Here are the 10 worst neighborhoods in Albuquerque according to data:

  • Yale Village.
  • Mountain View.
  • Kirtland Community.
  • Wildflower.
  • Barelas.
  • Albuquerque Meadows.
  • Alta Monte.
  • Quail Ridge.

What is the richest part of Albuquerque?

The Richest Neighborhoods In Albuquerque For 2020

  • Vineyard Estates.
  • Vista Del Mundo.
  • Campus.
  • Estates At Tanoan.
  • N Albuquerque Acres.
  • Peppertree-Royal Oak.
  • Glenwood Hills.
  • Cherry Hills.

What is the nicest neighborhood in Albuquerque?

Best Neighborhoods in Albuquerque for Families

  • Academy Hills Park.
  • Altura.
  • Bear Canyon.
  • Glenwood Hills.
  • Heritage East.
  • Kachina Hills.
  • Mirabella.
  • North Valley.

What is the safest area to live in Albuquerque NM?

Vista Del Mundo

Is Albuquerque a ghetto?

Albuquerque is hands down the most ghetto place I’ve ever lived. It is: (1) The neck tattoo capital of America; (2) the “smoke shop” capital of America; and (3) the DWI capital of America.

What is considered the war zone in Albuquerque?

The “War Zone” is an area of the city of Albuquerque that runs along both sides of Central Avenue between the boulevards of Wyoming and San Mateo. … The “War Zone” is an area of the city of Albuquerque that runs along both sides of Central Avenue between the boulevards of Wyoming and San Mateo.

What is the poorest city in New Mexico?

Detailed List Of The Poorest Places To Live In New MexicoRankCityPoverty Rate1Anthony45.5%2Deming34.6%3Truth Or Consequences30.7%4Sunland Park38.8%

What is the best area to stay in Albuquerque?

5 Great Neighborhoods in Albuquerque

  • WEST. Ventana Ranch. When growth is debated in Albuquerque — from the city council to coffee shops — one can bet that Ventana Ranch will be discussed. …
  • SOUTH. South Valley. This is where the city’s agricultural heritage thrives. …
  • NORTH. North Valley. …
  • CENTRAL. Nob Hill. …
  • EAST. Foothills.
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How is the real estate market in Albuquerque?

The Albuquerque housing market is very competitive. Homes in Albuquerque receive 3 offers on average and sell in around 16 days. The average sale price of a home in Albuquerque was $243K last month, up 12.8% since last year. The average sale price per square foot in Albuquerque is $141, up 11.0% since last year.

Is it expensive to live in Albuquerque?

The cost of living in Albuquerque is 5% lower than the national average, providing residents with the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful quality of life. The median home price in the area is around $185,400, and median monthly rent is $816, which is nearly 14% lower than the average.

Is Albuquerque a safe city?

OVERALL RISK : HIGH. When compared to nearly all other American cities, Albuquerque has an extremely high crime rate, so no – it cannot be considered a safe city. Use caution on the streets of this city both when it comes to petty crime and violent crime.

Is downtown Albuquerque safe?

Generally safe downtown. It is not rundown and is actually being revitalized. It can be quiet at night downtown except for Central Ave. On one end of Central near Alvarado transportation hub is 14 screen theater and some choices for restaurants.

Is Albuquerque dangerous?

Safewise has named Albuquerque one of the 10 most dangerous big cities in the nation. … The report states that the top 10 most dangerous metro cities have a violent crime rate that is 3.8 times higher than the national average. Albuquerque’s violent crime rate (per1,000) was 13.69.

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Is Santa Fe better than Albuquerque?

I would not consider Santa Fe a ‘better’ city than Albuquerque… each city has its virtues. Santa Fe is a more beautiful city in the southwestern tradition. … Albuquerque is a more affordable option both for residents and travelers (Check out my post on things to do in Historic Old Town Albuquerque).

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