Best neighborhood in austin tx

What are the safest neighborhoods in Austin Texas?

Safest places to live in Austin area*:

  • Martindale.
  • Old Enfield.
  • Rollingwood.
  • Hutto.
  • Lakeway.
  • West Lake Hills.
  • Georgetown.
  • Windsor Road.

Where should I not live in Austin?

Here are the 10 worst neighborhoods in Austin according to data:

  • Montopolis.
  • Martin Luther King-Hwy 183.
  • Saint Johns.
  • East Congress.
  • McKinney.
  • Mlk.
  • North Burnett.
  • Parker Lane.

What is the richest part of Austin?

The Richest Neighborhoods In Austin For 2020

  • Windsor Road.
  • South River City.
  • Zilker.
  • Crestview.
  • Old West Austin.
  • Barton Hills.
  • Allandale.
  • Gateway.

Where do families live in Austin TX?

The Best Austin Suburbs For Raising a Family

  • Rollingwood. West of Zilker Park, Rollingwood is a riverside community with easy walking connection to nature and business. …
  • West Lake. Some of the most beautiful real estate in Austin can be found directly west of Lady Bird Lake, in the community of West Lake. …
  • Brushy Creek. …
  • Cedar Park. …
  • Shady Hollow.

Where are the bad areas of Austin?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Austin, TX

  • East Cesar Chavez. Population 3,152. 245 % Violent Crimes 1,317 crimes / 100k people. …
  • Mlk. Population 4,121. 157 % …
  • Holly. Population 3,157. 151 % …
  • McKinney. Population 3,150. 149 % …
  • Riverside. Population 12,906. 118 % …
  • Saint Johns. Population 9,414. 111 % …
  • Rosewood. Population 5,701. 99 % …
  • Bouldin. Population 5,585. 96 %

What is the racial makeup of Austin Texas?

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Austin, TX are White (Non-Hispanic) (48.8%), White (Hispanic) (22%), Other (Hispanic) (8.21%), Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (8.13%), and Asian (Non-Hispanic) (7.59%). 32% of the people in Austin, TX speak a non-English language, and 87.5% are U.S. citizens.

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Does Austin have a ghetto?

No. There are no ghettos in Austin. Some pretend white liberals have a problem with the areas with high concentrations of Latinos (east of 35, parts of North Lamar) but there are no ghettos here.

Is it safe to walk around Austin at night?

In my experience, most of downtown is fairly safe. Of course, you’ll want to use common sense just like in any city (i.e. stay alert and stick to areas with other people around, especially at night). Also, one thing to keep in mind about downtown Austin is that there’s a homeless shelter around 7th and Neches.

Is Austin Texas expensive to live?

How Expensive Is Living in Austin? Austin is a moderately expensive place to live, but it also has comparably high wages to offset the cost of living. The median home in Austin costs $347,000, which is far higher than the median in Texas ($185,000) or the U.S. overall ($238,000).

How many billionaires live in Austin?

330 with an estimated net worth of $5 billion. The eight Austin-area billionaires identified by Forbes were, in alphabetical order: Bert Beveridge, owner of Tito’s Handmade Vodka; David Booth, executive chairman of Dimensional Fund Advisors; John Paul DeJoria, founder of Patron Spirits Co.

Is Austin the most expensive city in Texas?

Austin ranked No. 19 on the list with a total average monthly cost of living of $2,321. … San Francisco boasted the highest cost of living in the analysis at $4,210.60 per month.

Is Austin the best city in America?

Howdy & welcome to Austin, Texas! Austin has been voted the best place to live in America for three consecutive years by the U.S. News & World Report for the quality of life, job market, and a city’s desirability.

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What are the suburbs of Austin?

The 10 Best Suburbs of Austin

  • Round Rock. Round Rock is the perfect place for urbanites becoming suburbanites. …
  • Cedar Park. Located just west of Round Rock, Cedar Park is a not-so-small town with just over 70,000 residents. …
  • Leander. …
  • Lakeway. …
  • The Hills. …
  • West Lake Hills. …
  • Rollingwood. …
  • Bee Cave.

Is Round Rock a suburb of Austin?

Austin’s largest suburbs are Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, San Marcos and Pflugerville.

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