East garfield park neighborhood

Is East Garfield Park a bad neighborhood?

Indeed, crime is down 20 percent in East Garfield Park since 2013. … “Crime is happening all over the city,” she said. “They focus on neighborhoods and say crime there is bad, but crime in Chicago is bad. I wouldn’t say East Garfield Park overall is bad.”

Which side is the bad side of Chicago?

Most of Chicago’s most violent crimes and gang activity are located on the West and South sides of the city. In general, the further South and West you go, the more dangerous the neighborhood. That said, a few neighborhoods in South and West Chicago have benefitted greatly from gentrification.

Is West Garfield Park dangerous?

From 2009 through July, West Garfield Park logged 88 homicides among its population of about 18,000 residents, according to RedEye data. It’s not the only West Side community overwhelmed by crime. … On average per year, Austin has seen a rate of about 34 homicides per 100,000 residents.

Is East Side Chicago dangerous?

It is a small community so everyone knows everyone, but it has grew to be slightly dangerous with all of the violence and gang activity occurring in Chicago neighborhoods. Nevertheless, the east side is known for its unique characteristics and ingrained history which I honor.

Where is the Chicago ghetto?

The West Side is Chicago’s “other” ghetto. It is not as well known as the South Side, outside Chicago but many consider it among the worst slum areas in the nation. Its problems typify the hard times experienced by such poor sections even under the best economic conditions.

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What is the most dangerous block in Chicago?

O Block: The most dangerous block in Chicago is 64th and King Dr.

What places to avoid in Chicago?

Here are the 10 worst neighborhoods in Chicago according to data:

  • Riverdale.
  • Englewood.
  • Washington Park.
  • Fuller Park.
  • West Englewood.
  • Burnside.
  • South Deering.
  • Pullman.

Why is the south side always bad?

The primary reason why many cities’ South Sides are poorer sides of town is because most cities built their industry down river, which in a lot of cities is south of town as many rivers in this country flow towards the Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico southward.

Is Chicago actually dangerous?

The city’s overall crime rate, especially the violent crime rate, is higher than the US average. Chicago was responsible for nearly half of 2016’s increase in homicides in the US, though the nation’s crime rates remain near historic lows. The reasons for the higher numbers in Chicago remain unclear.

Why is O block dangerous?

That makes it the most dangerous block in Chicago in terms of shootings in that three-year period, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis has found. Two of the victims were killed. None of the shootings has resulted in criminal charges. And none of the weapons has been recovered.

How far is Oak Forest from Chicago?

about 24 miles

Is the West Side of Chicago dangerous?

Chicago’s West Side has just been been awarded the inauspicious title of “most dangerous neighborhood” in the US. ABC News reports that‚ website NeighborhoodScout has gotten a hold of crime data from local and national agencies and tracked them to neighborhoods all over the country.

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What area is South Chicago?

8.65 km²

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